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Not all clothes are created equal, which is obvious when you look in a woman's closet. 

Every woman’s closet is in some way organized (or disorganized) into sections.  There is always a section jammed with clothes, hung on old bent wire hangers, pressed so tightly together you can almost hear them gasping for air.  These are the forgotten clothes of trends gone by, of questionable fit, and questionable taste. 

Next, there is the everyday section, filled with clothes that are comfortable and safe, but not particularly memorable.

Finally, there is the special section, the first class cabin of your closet with extra space between garments so nothing gets crushed.  This section is for clothes you adore, your prized possessions.  They aren’t just pieces for special occasions or made by big name designers; oftentimes, they are everyday items.  Perhaps it’s a dress in just the right shade of color that makes it feel like a kindred spirit.  Maybe it’s a blouse that inexplicably manages to encapsulate your personality in a gorgeous printed silk.  These clothes are timeless and they are immaculately constructed, looking as good today as when you bought them 10 years ago.

My goal for Olivia Jun is to create those ‘prized possessions’.  My design philosophy is to create the opposite of the ‘fast fashion’ that inevitably ends up lost in your forgotten section.  Olivia Jun focuses on interesting designs, with unique details, made with quality fabrics, and meticulous craftsmanship.  I design all of my own pieces.  I make all the patterns.  I select all the fabrics and I work closely with my seamstresses to ensure each piece is constructed flawlessly.  I want Olivia Jun to hang in that special section of your closet and for a very long time. 


~ Olivia Jun // Founder & Designer

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